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The Monday Muse: Global Warming

Global warming has been a hot button issue for the past few years. Al Gore popularized the issue with his documentary An Inconvenient Truth. The popularity of the documentary vaulted Gore back into the spotlight after his run as Vice President ended and eventually led to a Nobel Prize. Several weeks ago Al Gore launched a global climate campaign called “We Can Solve It.” Here are a few of television advertisements.

I have a difficult time deciding how I feel on this issue. As a Christian, I certainly believe that God has given us this planet to exercise dominion within the confines of good stewardship. I am not sure exactly what that looks like practically. There is no doubt that Al Gore has put this whole campaign and issue together in an intelligent way. He has found a way to reach the common person in a language that resonates and moves people to action. However, I wonder how his theories would stand against modern scientific research and scholarship. Since I know that several of my friends work in the field of science, I am curious to hear the arguments for and/or against Al Gore’s theories. So here’s your Monday Muse question:

Is global warming a hoax, an exaggeration, or the real deal?

As always, remember to defend your answer in some form. Happy Monday!


The Monday Muse: Embryonic Stem Cells

This week’s question is a product of the movie The Island.

Is embryonic stem cell research and its applied results ethical?

Remember to also defend your “yes” and “no” answers. Let the debate begin.