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Traveling, Gas Prices, and a Lack of Sleep

Well…I haven’t had a whole lot of time to post anything recently. We took off last Friday to attend a wedding back in Michigan and have been scrambling ever since we returned. Annie’s cousin Lisa married her high school sweetheart after 6 years of dating. It was a beautiful wedding that included heartfelt prayers, Scripture reading by the parents, and personal vows written by the bride and groom. It was a great celebration.

Lisa’s wedding was the second wedding we have attended in the past three weeks. We drove up to Chicago a few weeks ago to see Annie’s friend Sarah get married. With gas prices being so outrageous, you find out real quick how expensive traveling can be. Coming from Tennessee, gas prices only get worse the further north your travel. Who gets the award for highest gas price for the month? Drum roll…Grand Haven, MI. I had to fill my tank up at a smooth $4.17 a gallon. Just ridiculous. I remember when I could fill up my scooter in high school at $.79 a gallon. Man…I sound old. One thing is for sure…I have hit my traveling quota for a little while anyhow. I’m ready for a lazy weekend.

Pray for me today if you think about it. I am preaching tonight at our midweek service. We’ll be looking at the first chapter of Haggai and reevaluating our priorities. With all of the traveling, I haven’t had as much time to study as I would have liked (which means I was up pretty late last night). Nonetheless, I love the book of Haggai and look forward to preaching it. It has already made me think about that which is of first importance.

Don’t Waste Your Pulpit

A great encouragement to consider the gravity of preaching and the glory of God every time you step up to the pulpit. The way we preach communicates what we think and believe about God and the Bible. So what does your preaching communicate?

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