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Hang with Me

Well…you might have noticed that my blogging has been hit and miss the past week or so. But hang tight and don’t abandon ship just yet. My time blogging has recently been spent preparing my new self-hosted┬áblog which will launch in the near future. I’m learning as I go so it is taking me a little longer than I expected. So…all of this means a new location and a new look. I know…so many changes. However, hosting my own blog gives me limitless flexibility and options for the future. So hang with me for a bit longer and we’ll launch the new site soon.

In the meantime, let’s continue the Mac vs. PC discussion that never really got off the ground. I’m still waiting for someone to carry the banner of PC against the trendy Mac. Who dares to step forward?


A Whole New…Theme

So…as you can see I have made a big change to things around here. I was tired of the old theme and decided to go with something a little simpler and more clearly defined. I am hoping to make some more changes in the coming weeks but don’t hold your breath too long. Overall, I hope it helps to make things a little more “user friendly.” Ever get tired of that catch phrase? I think I’m totally burned out on trendy phrases. In any case, grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show.