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An Evangelical Manifesto

An Evangelical Manifesto was released today at the National Press Club. If you are unfamiliar with this document and its purpose then take a moment and check it out. The purpose of the manifesto is “to clarify the confusions that surround the term Evangelical in the United States, and to explain where we stand on issues that cause consternation over Evangelicals in public life.” I believe this could be a very helpful document but I will save my comments for a future post.

Justin Taylor has put together a nice summary of the manifesto. Justin also posted an interview with Os Guiness, who was on the Steering Committee for this document. Dan Wallace had a few words about the manifesto just prior to its release. I’m sure we’ll see many more posts and comments to come in the next few days.

As you get a chance to read it, I would love to hear what you think. I’ll share some more thoughts on this manifesto soon…so stay tuned.


Union University Damage Photos


Here are a few places you can view pictures of the damage on campus.

Tornadoes Hit Jackson, TN and Union University


Twin tornadoes swept through Jackson, TN at approximately 7:00 pm this evening. Union University, my alma mater, sustained major damage to one-third of the campus according to President David Dockery. Two academic buildings sustained heavy water damage because the roofs were blown off. Two dorms housing nearly 1000 students were nearly destroyed as well. Here’s the report on Union from Baptist Press:

JACKSON, Tenn. (BP)–Union University in Jackson, Tenn., sustained heavy tornado damage Tuesday evening at approximately 7 pm when a line of heavy thunderstorms rushed through the area.At 10:20 central, news and information director, Tim Ellsworth, reported that 4 students still were trapped by debris in their dorms. At least four of those students have been rescued. Dorms in both the men’s and women’s areas have been destroyed.

“We currently have no serious injuries that we know of and rescue operations are still continuing,” Ellsworth said. “Many buildings sustained heavy damage.”

“We have moved students to the Stein Mart store north of the campus and parents can pick up their students there,” he said.

The Union University Web site is down and Ellsworth said the school is trying to find an alternate means for posting information. Currently Ellsworth said the school is working on an alternative means of trying to provide parents with information but that power was completely out on campus.

Ellsworth reported that many cars on campus sustained damage. The roof on Jennings Hall was nearly completely gone as well as other buildings having sustained damage.

Classes have been cancelled until February 13 to allow assessment of the damage and impact on operations.

I have some good friends in the Jackson area and on campus at Union. Please pray for the students, faculty, staff, and families as they seek shelter from what I’m told is a second round of storms. Pray that the Lord will keep them safe.

In the beginning…

Thank you for stopping by my newest creation.  You may be asking yourself, “Why did I decide to visit this page?”  To that I would reply, “I have no idea.”  What I do know is that this page serves as an outlet for my thoughts as I walk through life as a Christian.  My desire is to share some thoughts about what it means to be a Christian and what that looks like practically.  I’m unconcerned with what’s popular or the next theological trend.  I desire reformation in the church and in my own heart.  I desire to see Christians band together as a body of believers united for the glory of God.  I desire to see men of sound doctrine rise up and lead the church toward Christ.  Why do our beliefs matter?  It is our beliefs that drive our personal lives.  Practical living is a result of what we believe.  I long to see Christians who seek the Lord in sound doctrine and live it out in every aspect of their life.  I desire it in my own life.   I hope that this blog will serve as an encouragement to those seeking to faithfully pursue God and godly living. 

My hope is that Christians and non-Christians alike will wander onto this page and dialogue with me as I wrestle with working out my Christian faith.  If we have never met I am glad you happened upon my humble musings and hope you will visit and comment often.  If we are friends then you will be very familiar with my ramblings.  In either case I hope that you will find some measure of encouragement from this blog.  Let the dialogue begin.