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Step Away From the Computer

Joe Thorn has written a nice article on unplugging from the internet, cell phones, and other forms of technology. Technology is a wonderful thing. We have experienced many grand advances due to technology. However, technology has its dangers. How much of our day is consumed with checking email through a computer or blackberry? How often do we check our blogs? And with the internet, information is only a click away. You can find practically anything and everything on the world wide web. However, endless information means endless net surfing which results in a lot of wasted time. I would encourage you to go read Joe’s article and then step away from the computer. Go have a meaningful conversation with someone. Or better yet, go buy a few discs and invite someone to go play disc golf with you. There is nothing better than a good conversation in the midst of a round of 18.


Internet Bride?

The internet is a wonderful thing if it is used properly. I confess that I love Ebay and frequently buy gifts for others from that blessed site. In fact, I do a lot of my shopping over the internet because the options are limitless. There seems to be nothing you can’t buy on the internet. You can even purchase a wife. Check out this article by Newsweek. Things aren’t always what they seem but often there is a lesson to be learned.