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Blog Alert: True Koinonia

I am excited to draw your attention to a new blog that I am contributing to called True Koinonia. It is connected to Concord-Grandview Baptist Church (my home church) and comprised of several men within our church. Our hope is that TK will be an encouragement to the men involved, the church we serve, and for all those who visit. The idea of True Koinonia is to provide a place of encouragement, accountability, and fellowship for believers as each of us seek to live out the gospel.

Koinonia is the Greek word for “fellowship” or “partnership.” So what is fellowship? True fellowship is partnering together for the sake of the gospel. What does fellowship look like? Fellowship is best represented by a body of believers laboring together in service. I know that my greatest moments of fellowship and bonding with other believers has come in the midst of serving together. So come drop by and join in the discussion. As I’ve always said, it’s all about the fellowship.