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The Monday Muse: Stimulus Check

The news that each of us would be receiving an economic stimulus check in the mail was music to my ears. At first glance it seems like free money. And since we had to pay the government during tax time, this seemed to even things out. Of course we must remember that nothing is free. We are receiving this money only after each of us have paid numerable taxes on the money we worked for. So it is almost like fools gold. In any case, like many people I began to think of how we might use this money. What is the wisest thing to do? Is it different for different people and different circumstances? Is there a best case scenario as it relates to Christians using this money?

John Piper says we should make much of Christ with this check by thinking of how we might help someone in need or fund a person’s ministry. Tim Challies turned to David Kotter, Executive Director of The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood and a former economics teacher, for advice on how to think Christianly about the economic stimulus payments. So…

How should we think concerning the use of the economic stimulus check? Does it even matter?

I’m not asking anyone to share the specifics of their spending in regards to this money (though you are welcome to do so if it helps support your point). I simply want to strike up a little dialogue on whether or not we should be thoughtful in how we use this “extra” money.