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The Monday Muse

The other day I was thinking that it would be nice to have a particular topic to discuss each week, something to ponder and discuss over the course of an entire week. With all the pressure to come up with new posts, it is hard to really engage in any type of meaningful conversation. And it’s hard to really dig into a discussion when topics are constantly changing. So my humble solution is called The Monday Muse. Each Monday I will post a question to be considered, discussed, and even debated for the remainder of the week. I will still submit other posts throughout the week but The Monday Muse will be a focus point of sorts. If we can all focus in on one topic per week then maybe we can explore issues in a little more depth.

Technically, it is Tuesday so I’m already behind for this week. However, here is the question for the week.

Is the alter call a necessary or deceiving tool within the church?