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Moving Day: New Blog Launched!

Well…the day has finally come after a long hiatus from blogging. I have moved this blog to a new self hosted site. Along with the new address, I have changed the look and name of the blog. The new address is so be sure to change your feeds, links, and bookmarks. The new name of the blog is Lashville. And the new look…well…you can check it out for yourself. I look forward to picking things back up and engaging in thoughtful dialogue with you all once again. See ya in Lashville.

Hang with Me

Well…you might have noticed that my blogging has been hit and miss the past week or so. But hang tight and don’t abandon ship just yet. My time blogging has recently been spent preparing my new self-hosted blog which will launch in the near future. I’m learning as I go so it is taking me a little longer than I expected. So…all of this means a new location and a new look. I know…so many changes. However, hosting my own blog gives me limitless flexibility and options for the future. So hang with me for a bit longer and we’ll launch the new site soon.

In the meantime, let’s continue the Mac vs. PC discussion that never really got off the ground. I’m still waiting for someone to carry the banner of PC against the trendy Mac. Who dares to step forward?

A Whole New…Theme

So…as you can see I have made a big change to things around here. I was tired of the old theme and decided to go with something a little simpler and more clearly defined. I am hoping to make some more changes in the coming weeks but don’t hold your breath too long. Overall, I hope it helps to make things a little more “user friendly.” Ever get tired of that catch phrase? I think I’m totally burned out on trendy phrases. In any case, grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show.

Step Away From the Computer

Joe Thorn has written a nice article on unplugging from the internet, cell phones, and other forms of technology. Technology is a wonderful thing. We have experienced many grand advances due to technology. However, technology has its dangers. How much of our day is consumed with checking email through a computer or blackberry? How often do we check our blogs? And with the internet, information is only a click away. You can find practically anything and everything on the world wide web. However, endless information means endless net surfing which results in a lot of wasted time. I would encourage you to go read Joe’s article and then step away from the computer. Go have a meaningful conversation with someone. Or better yet, go buy a few discs and invite someone to go play disc golf with you. There is nothing better than a good conversation in the midst of a round of 18.

Blog Alert: True Koinonia

I am excited to draw your attention to a new blog that I am contributing to called True Koinonia. It is connected to Concord-Grandview Baptist Church (my home church) and comprised of several men within our church. Our hope is that TK will be an encouragement to the men involved, the church we serve, and for all those who visit. The idea of True Koinonia is to provide a place of encouragement, accountability, and fellowship for believers as each of us seek to live out the gospel.

Koinonia is the Greek word for “fellowship” or “partnership.” So what is fellowship? True fellowship is partnering together for the sake of the gospel. What does fellowship look like? Fellowship is best represented by a body of believers laboring together in service. I know that my greatest moments of fellowship and bonding with other believers has come in the midst of serving together. So come drop by and join in the discussion. As I’ve always said, it’s all about the fellowship.

The Great September Giveaway

sept Giveaway

Tim Challies has just announced the resurrection of monthly free giveaways on his site.  Past giveaways have included anything from books to DVDs.  The Great September Giveaway will include three winners.  The prizes?

  • First prize: All six available volumes of the Reformed Expository Commentary series.
  • Second prize: Any three volumes of the Reformed Expository Commentary series (to be selected by the winner).
  • Third Prize: Any one volume of the Reformed Expository Commentary series (to be selected by the winner).

You can check out this commentary series at Monergism Books (who is sponsoring this giveaway).  Also, if you include my referral ID (11187) when you enter then I receive another entry into the drawing.  If you enter, you will also receive a referral ID to pass on to others.  In any case it is a win-win situation.  So go enter this contest for a chance to add this great commentary series to your library.  And type in my referral ID while you’re there.

The Pope, True Church, and Protestant Blogs

popeb1.jpgIn July Pope Benedict XVI released a document stating that the Roman Catholic Church provides the only true path to salvation since it is the only true church.  The document articulates the position that Protestant churches are nothing more than “ecclesial communities” and therefore do not have the “means of salvation.”  In essence, Protestants are not Christians.  Roman Catholicism is the one true Christianity (though Eastern Orthodoxy is looked upon as merely a flawed version of Catholicism in the document).  In approving this document, the pope stated that he was correcting “erroneous interpretations of the Second Vatican Council” brought forth by liberals.

A series of thoughts led to a very natural question for me.  If the pope professes that Protestant churches are not true churches, then what does he think about Protestant blogs?  Are Protestant blogs not true blogs?  How would the pope respond to such a question?  Maybe he would say something like this

It seems that the Protestant blogosphere is safe…for now.