Hang with Me

Well…you might have noticed that my blogging has been hit and miss the past week or so. But hang tight and don’t abandon ship just yet. My time blogging has recently been spent preparing my new self-hosted blog which will launch in the near future. I’m learning as I go so it is taking me a little longer than I expected. So…all of this means a new location and a new look. I know…so many changes. However, hosting my own blog gives me limitless flexibility and options for the future. So hang with me for a bit longer and we’ll launch the new site soon.

In the meantime, let’s continue the Mac vs. PC discussion that never really got off the ground. I’m still waiting for someone to carry the banner of PC against the trendy Mac. Who dares to step forward?


3 responses to “Hang with Me

  1. Seriously, I think the winner is obvious.
    Even our IT guy at work has a mac at home. 🙂

  2. a year ago you could have probably gotten me to give a half-decent attempt to defend PC, but I can’t – I’ve since been converted. I think in terms of intuitiveness Mac has got it covered. Considering my dad has worked at IBM for over 30 years, this was hard for me to admit for a long time… but it’s true, go Mac. Luckily for my dad, his business is in the big super-computer type stuff, so my loyalties still lie with him on that.

  3. Yes…Mac is more attractive, easier to use, and just plain cooler. I definitely like the setup and the way the operating system works better on Mac than PC. However, Mac is so freakin’ expensive in comparison to PC. I mean, I can get two PC laptops for the price of one cheaper Mac. And now Mac has taken off the iLife program which was a huge bonus before (very disappointing). Though I was running a very old Mac up until recently (G3), I wasn’t having any problems (until the hard drive died on me). All in all, I prefer Mac but can only afford PC. Come on Apple…work with me!

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