The Monday Muse: Mac vs. PC

Undoubtedly you have all seen the commercials on TV. “Apple” is just hanging out, dressed down and lowkey, when uptight “PC” comes wandering up decked out in a business suit. The stark contrast is undeniable. In fact, every aspect of the appearance and encounter is opposed to one another. This is how Apple sees itself in comparison to its greatest competitor Microsoft (or all PC’s for that matter). It’s Mac vs. Microsoft for computer world domination.

I have an HP laptop at home but work on an older Apple G4 laptop at work. I guess I get the best of both worlds. There are things I like better about each one as I compare using them throughout the week. So…here’s the question for this week:

Which computer is better: Mac or PC?

Apple has a cult-like following so I’m wondering if anyone will stand tall and represent PC. This week will tell.

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