The Florida Outpouring: See It For Yourself

In our last post, we touched base on the Florida Outpouring and highlighted some of the responses to it. What I want to do now is to let you see it for yourself. Let me preface the first few clips by saying that they are obviously only segments of entire services. Nevertheless, I believe the segments give us enough reason to show a great deal of concern about the ministry of Todd Bentley. See for yourself.

The Florida Outpouring has garnered so much attention that ABC Nightline decided to check things out for themselves. They put together an investigative story on the events in Lakeland which included an interview with Todd Bentley.

Part 1:

Part 2:

It’s the same story with a different person. How many men like Todd Bentley have we seen emerge in the past twenty to thirty years? Too many. Yet the story is always the same. A guy comes with a new word from the Lord with the message and gift of healing and people flock to him. Then he is exposed as a fraud and the guy (Popoff, Hinn, Bentley) fades off into the distance. His ministry and message become a historical reference point. Left behind is a path of broken lives. Churches split. People abandon their faith. Others continue to be carried away by the false claims and teaching. It is a recurring pattern that needs to end. Lives are at stake. Souls are at stake.

In part 3, I will voice some of my specific concerns with this movement and ministry. Stay tuned.


6 responses to “The Florida Outpouring: See It For Yourself

  1. I’m hearing that there are fractures inside the Bentley camp as some people are getting wise to his antics.
    I wonder if this will have the effect of publicly discrediting the so called ‘apostles’ that have openly sanctioned and supported this man and his ministry. (See the Lakeland service of 23 June where all the big names gathered to commission Bentley)
    Perhaps this is God’s way of exposing all those who have aligned themselves very publicly with him.

  2. fortyyearsinthewilderness

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    Check mine out at:

  3. thanks for posting this, God’s work needs to continue to be publicized. We can only rely on continually praying for Todd so that none of what was of the past would affect what God has birthed.

    pleasure to read some of yr posts, would you mind if we added you to our link, and likewise you adding us to yours?

    iworshiphere staff


    Pagan festival ~ Holy Ghost Parties ~ Gatekeepers ~ Portals, Wormholes Star Gates ~ Tribal Dancing ~ WELCOME TO OUR CHURCH LEADERS OF TODAY!
    Holliday: I have ministered to former witches and wizards and they all testify of their ability to “Soul Travel, fly, or astral project, also known as remote viewing. This is a witchcraft power found in the Bible in Ezek 13:20 “Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them fly, and I will tear them from your arms, and will let the souls go, even the souls that ye hunt to make them fly .”
    Bob Jones’ spiritual experiences are extraordinary to say the least. They consist of “Voices,” “angels,” and “translations to heaven” which give him revelations that are not only contrary to Scripture but are easily categorized as of the New Age variety of spirituality. Jones is whom Todd Bentley looks to as a senior prophet and mentor.
    Mike Bickle a close friend of Jones relates the degree of supernatural visitation Bob Jones received nightly: “You know, I’m going to tell you something about Bob. Ever since that time in ’74 when he was filled with the Holy Spirit he began to see the Technicolor visions and the Lord began to visit him. Since that time he has seen many, many times, five, ten visions and dreams a night. And when I first met him, I couldn’t hardly comprehend that. I said, “Five or ten a night!” He said, “Oh, yes, all the time. Sometimes more, some¬times three or four” (Mike Bickle, Visions and Revelations, 1988)

  5. Jesus is Alive 🙂 Thank you Lord for your great love! Find out more about the Outpouring at and lets enter into what God is doing 🙂

  6. Okay, so this 13th person had died and was in Heaven when the “power” of this preacher’s voice pulled him out of Heaven and back to earth? A preacher more powerful than Jesus–that truly is amazing!

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