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A Whole New…Theme

So…as you can see I have made a big change to things around here. I was tired of the old theme and decided to go with something a little simpler and more clearly defined. I am hoping to make some more changes in the coming weeks but don’t hold your breath too long. Overall, I hope it helps to make things a little more “user friendly.” Ever get tired of that catch phrase? I think I’m totally burned out on trendy phrases. In any case, grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show.

I Hate Running.

I have been trying to come up with a workout plan that I will actually follow through on. I don’t really like working out. I love to play sports but lifting weights and doing aerobic exercises is not my idea of a good time. For most of my life sports has been my way of working out. However, the opportunities to play sports after graduating from college drastically decline. You see my dilemma.

In the midst of my dilemma, I got a little inspiration from Joe Thorn. He dedicated himself to running and better eating habits over the course of this past year and lost 40 lbs. My first thought…I hate running. I’ll run if it involves catching a ball or crossing someone over on my way to the hoop. I don’t run for enjoyment. I really have no desire to run a marathon. However, Joe is proof of the benefits of running (and good eating habits). So…I decided that today would be the day I would begin my own running challenge. I haven’t outlined all of the particulars but I figured I would go ahead and get started. I want to start with small accomplishments. So I just went for a 10 minute run today. And can I say…it was a very hard 10 minutes. I can play basketball for hours and not feel like I did after 10 minutes of running. It’s going to be a slow process and a love-hate relationship for me and running. But I need to do something. I’m going to try to find some sports leagues to get involved with as well. If you live in Nashville and play basketball anywhere, holler at me. I would love play more ball throughout the week. Or if you play competitive tennis, shoot me a line. I’ve played tennis off and on since my day on the Indiana Wesleyan tennis team.

So thanks Joe for the sharing a bit about your experience. Hopefully mine will be just as fruitful.

For everyone else…you can now call me Forrest Gump. Here’s to new challenges.

The Monday Muse: Benevolence

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I were downtown catching a performance by our friend Francesca Battistelli at the Rutledge (also discovered an amazing band called Civil Twilight while we were there). After the show we were walking out to the car to head home when a homeless woman named Shirley quickly tracked us down. I’ve had several encounters with homeless people in downtown Nashville and actually look forward to such instances. However, it had been a while so we were caught off guard and unprepared. Many homeless people have a similar routine. They try to overwhelm you with fast speech and random stories in the hopes that the disorienting effect will cause you to just hand over the cash so you can be left alone. I’ve made it a rule not to give cash anymore to homeless people but to actually take the time to listen to them, find out what they really need, and supply that need to the best of my ability (assuming it isn’t something damaging or illegal). On this occasion, we broke our rule and ended up giving this lady a ride and some money. Looking back on things, we understand that our greatest fault was the fact that we were not prepared for an encounter with Shirley. Though we did get to speak to her about Jesus, we came away from the experience feeling defeated. In the end, we felt like we hurt Shirley more than helping her. So here’s the question of the week:

Should we or should we not give cash to the homeless?

Celtics Raise No. 17

Well, I hate to say it…but I called it. Celtics in six. The NBA Finals had the drama of injured players, big comebacks, and superstar performances. With all of the excitement in this year’s finals, Game 6 turned out to be a crushing display of team basketball put on by the Boston Celtics. The guys in green dominated every facet of the game. Though all of the attention has been given to the Big Three (Pierce, Garnett, Allen), it was the role players that made the biggest difference in this series. Leon Powe put in 20+ in Game 2. Last night it was Rajon Rondo who made his mark on every aspect of the game. Known for his stellar defense yet ragged for his inconsistent play on offense, Rondo quietly dominated by pouring in 21 points along with 7 rebounds, 8 assists, and 6 steals. While putting the clamps down on the Lakers defensively, the Celtics managed to put up a staggering 131 points with 42 of them coming in the fourth quarter. When the smoke finally cleared, the scoreboard revealed what was easily discernible throughout the duration of the game. The Lakers were handed a solid butt kicking.

Speaking of the Lakers, what happened to Kobe Bryant? For the most part, he was a non-factor in this series. It must be nice to average 25 points per game in a series and be labeled a non-factor. It proves how good Kobe is. But many people have been making comparisons between Bryant and Jordan. Their moves and overall game look eerily similar. Both men have an indefensible fadeaway. Both have a never ending thirst for success. The comparisons must end there though. Bryant is no Jordan, at least not yet. People argue that Bryant doesn’t have a Scottie Pippen to run with. I find that argument interesting since I believe Bryant has more talent surrounding him now than Jordan ever did. I do think that Horace Grant was underrated. Dennis Rodman, as weird as he is, brought another dimension to that team. He was a great complimentary piece to a team that already had two big time scorers. They never had a legitimate big man (Cartwright, Wennington, King, Livingston, etc.). Look at what Kobe will have to work with the next few years. Gasol, though soft, is a highly skilled big man and an All-Star. Odom is a multi-dimensional player that can dominate a game when he decides to. Bynum is just getting started. He may be the missing piece to many championship banners being raised in the future. I really don’t feel any sympathy for Kobe.

All in all, it was a great series. I enjoyed every minute of it. And it ended just how I wanted it to end with the Big Three hoisting up the championship trophy. They have endured a lot to get to where they are at. Cheers to them and the Boston Celtics…the new world champs.

Russell Crowe Trains for the Ministry

Check out this hilarious advertisement with a young Russell Crowe…I mean, John. Oh, how times, technology, and Russell have all changed.

(HT: Scotteriology)

The Monday Muse: Pursuing Purity

Like this weekend’s U.S. Open golf championship, the previous Monday Muse was taken into a “sudden death playoff.” We’ve had some great discussion so far dealing the compatibility of evolution and the Christian faith. Let me encourage everyone to continue the debate because I think it has a lot of implications. I am quite appreciative of everyone who has participated so far. It has turned out to be our best discussion yet.

This week’s question takes us in a little different direction. Yesterday our Sunday school class got into a discussion about pursuing the truth which entails pursuing purity in all of its forms. We said that what we take in certainly has an impact on our lives. Think media of all sorts. The tougher decision comes when we must choose which things cross the line and which things do not. Where do we draw the line with which movies we watch and don’t watch, what music to listen to and not listen to, etc. So I ask you…

Where do we draw the line as it relates to pursuing purity without being legalistic? What are some determining factors? Does it even matter?

On 2 on 2…ready…break! (think football huddle)

The Power of Words and the Wonder of God

Here is a stellar promo video for the upcoming Desiring God National Conference. This year’s theme is The Power of Words and the Wonder of God. Once again DG has managed to put together an impressive lineup of speakers. Check it out.

(HT: Justin Taylor)