Keep Your Clothes On Danica

Women today are facing increasing pressure from the media and culture to bare their bodies as a sign of femininity and strength. It can be justified from almost every angle. Call it beauty and art. Call it “being comfortable in your own skin.” Call it transparency. Call it sexy. Call it feminine independence. It is all around us. Media and culture are exploiting women and women are buying into it. It is a form of degradation that is extremely overlooked.

Interestingly enough, Ian O’Connor (sportswriter for FOX Sports) has written an interesting article about this issue in light of Danica Patrick’s first victory at the Japan 500. Though it was a monumental achievement, O’Connor contends that it was overshadowed by Danica’s post-race appearances (barely dressed in many media outlets). Danica’s presence in the Indy car sport coupled with her recent victory has made her a role model for many young women. Sadly, Danica’s post-race appearances only feed the perception of women as physical objects and lessens the impact of her achievements. I encourage you to read the article.

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