The Monday Muse: Global Warming

Global warming has been a hot button issue for the past few years. Al Gore popularized the issue with his documentary An Inconvenient Truth. The popularity of the documentary vaulted Gore back into the spotlight after his run as Vice President ended and eventually led to a Nobel Prize. Several weeks ago Al Gore launched a global climate campaign called “We Can Solve It.” Here are a few of television advertisements.

I have a difficult time deciding how I feel on this issue. As a Christian, I certainly believe that God has given us this planet to exercise dominion within the confines of good stewardship. I am not sure exactly what that looks like practically. There is no doubt that Al Gore has put this whole campaign and issue together in an intelligent way. He has found a way to reach the common person in a language that resonates and moves people to action. However, I wonder how his theories would stand against modern scientific research and scholarship. Since I know that several of my friends work in the field of science, I am curious to hear the arguments for and/or against Al Gore’s theories. So here’s your Monday Muse question:

Is global warming a hoax, an exaggeration, or the real deal?

As always, remember to defend your answer in some form. Happy Monday!


2 responses to “The Monday Muse: Global Warming

  1. Al Gore’s widely discredited film “An Inconvenient Truth” that falsely hypes the threat of global warming has now been further discredited. ABC News has discovered that Gore used computer generated footage in his documentary that was taken from the 2004 natural disaster film “The Day After Tomorrow” to fraudulently emphasize the global warming threat. If global warming is such a dire threat to us, why would Gore need to use computer generated footage in the documentary to justify his point? The bottom line is that Gore’s film is based off of lies in order to scare the public into believing that man made carbon emissions are the cause of all of the planet’s environmental problems. Gore ignores scientific data that indicates solar activity is the real cause for planetary warming. Mars and other planets have also experienced rising temperatures the same time that warming has been reported on Earth. So unless man is on other planets emitting carbon, it is clear that solar activity is the cause for the planetary warming. Gore also ignores the fact that this past winter saw record snowfalls and record low temperatures in various parts of the world which indicate that this warming cycle might be coming to an end. Gore’s theories simply don’t add up, but that doesn’t stop him from attempting to recruit a green army of 10 million useful idiots to help him push this agenda. Instead of tackling real environmental problems like chemicals being dumped in oceans, the disappearance of the bees, genetically modified foods, the mixing of human and animal DNA and chemicals being sprayed in the air, Gore would prefer to tackle a problem that isn’t real. This makes Gore a phony environmentalist and he has positioned himself to profit greatly off of this scam. Gore is nothing more than a propagandist who is hyping this phony doomsday scenario so the global elite can justify implementing a planetary carbon tax which will be used to enslave humanity.

  2. Global warming could lead to higher rates of skin cancer by amplifying the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, scientists said.

    New evidence suggests that the same amount of sunshine becomes more likely to trigger cancer as temperature rises.

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